Bamboo for Landscape Restoration

Consortium for Restorative Economy Development - To present an alternative and more sustainable approach to landscape management through restorative economy approach

An initiative of Advocates for biodiversity conservation

Overview of the project

Initial assessments conducted by CRED, a consortium of organizations with the goal of transforming the Kogyae landscape (Ghana through bamboo agroforestry, suggests that large-scale opportunities to improve ecological health, capture carbon and improve quality-of-life through agroforestry, improved treatment of fallow land, and other sustainable landscape practices exist in the landscape. To this end a case is made for the restoration of 5,000 ha of land within 10 years fringing the Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve with the potential of scaling up
to 15,000 ha within 20 years is being made for consideration by potential investors. This initiative will contribute through bamboo agroforestry 1% of government’s commitment to the Bonn Challenge.
CRED therefore seek to pursue solutions that integrates with the values of local communities through the development of community-based green enterprises that can create economic opportunities for local communities improving their livelihoods and making them climate resilient. CRED seek to achieve this through the Community Resource Management Areas (CREMA) Approach which is expected to put about 30,000 ha of community lands under sustainable land practices, secured tenure rights (tree and land) and restoring degraded habitats (reserved and off-reserve lands) and ecosystems through agroforestry systems and silvicultural practices.
CRED will deliver amongst other things a climate smart landscape through bamboo agroforestry will deliver the following benefits:
– Potential to sequester carbon 5X more than native species
– Alternative/ better source of energy
– Smart housing
– Landscape management
– Alternative source of income


To present an alternative and more sustainable approach to landscape management through restorative economy approach

Level of progress

Feasibility study, diagnosis

Project timeline


Quantitative results

Pilot initiatives, field trials, community engagement, nursery development

Qualitative results

Successful propagation of bamboo species, scaling up ongoing, mobilize and organize farmer groups in the landscape


Switzerland Association "Bamboo for future"

About the

Advocates for biodiversity conservation

Emil Martey Fisher

Advancing and transforming unsustainable landscapes in Ghana through bamboo agroforestry – to improve livelihoods, capture of carbon, soil fertility enhancement, and greening the landscape.

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