A Consolidated African Civil Society to Monitor and Accompany the Implementation of the SDG and Local Climate Planning

Réseau Climat & Développement / Climate & Development Network (RC&D) works with African civil society to implement nationally determined contributions (NDC) and local plans to combat climate change and provide access to water and energy resources, as well as food.

An initiative of Réseau Climat & Développement / Climate & Development Network (RC&D)

Overview of the project

Following the adoption of the rules for implementing the Paris Agreement at COP24, the time has now come to review and implement the commitments made by countries. In Africa, this involves the implementation of NDC and public sector development policies. In some countries, the orientations defined in these policies do not necessarily respond to the needs of the most vulnerable populations and may pose a threat to achieving the Paris agreement’s objectives on the continent.

At the local level, the challenge is to define local development plans that integrate climate change while remaining consistent with the NDC. We began to address this issue last year during the Bamake workshop, as well as through the 2018 publication.

To deepen these reflections, the project envisages, on the one hand, strengthening RC&D members’ expertise to influence the implementation of NDC, sectoral policies, and local climate change plans, and on the other hand, African associations’ role in monitoring the political processes underway in the countries, in order to draw decision-makers’ attention to the threats and the real solutions to be promoted.


Strengthen the expertise of African civil society in order to influence the implementation of the Paris Agreement in terms of national (NDC) and local plans to combat climate change and sustainable access to energy and water resources, while guaranteeing food and nutritional security.

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The project is financed by different technical and financial partners of the RC&D (IFDD, ADEME, Prince Albert II Foundation, etc.)

About the

Réseau Climat & Développement / Climate & Development Network (RC&D)

Yaovi Lowanou KOGBE

Created in 2007, the Réseau Climat & Développement (Climate & Development Network) today brings together more than 80 francophone NGO (in West Africa, North Africa, Mauritius and France). Supported by the Climate Action Network France and  EDNA Energie, it has a threefold objective:

  • To strengthen the influence of civil society and French-speaking African delegates in international climate negotiations (understanding and joint positions).
  • Ensure that development issues are taken into account within climate policies and integrate climate issues into development policies at the African level.
  • Encourage the implementation of plans that integrate the challenges of improving living conditions, mitigating CO2 emissions, and adapting to climate change.

The Network is mobilising on these issues through local field projects and advocacy actions, both nationally and internationally.

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