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Creation of an Arboretum and a forest in the city

This project aims at planting 700 forest species exploited by the industrialists and the local populations and to promote the knowledge of the forest species to the population for its awareness in order to protect them.

An initiative of COMMUNE/MAIRIE DE POKOLA/Acteur Non Etatique

Overview of the project

This project consists in planting 700 noble forest species exploited and exploitable by the industrialists and the riparian populations in the heart of the city next to the unique forest space which covers 03 hectares to reach 05 hectares. This new green space beyond being a tourist site and leisure will serve as a framework for awareness, education and research for youth and the population without forgetting the visitors for a perfect knowledge of the said species with the aim of contributing to guarantee their protection.
It is worth mentioning that our country, like others in the sub-region, is going through an economic crisis accentuated nowadays by the covid-19 pandemic. Based until now on the exploitation of oil and natural resources. The Congo has decided to diversify its economy as an approach that could help to curb this crisis. The agricultural activity is one of the cardinal axes of this diversification. This is why awareness and education actions on forestry are so important, especially to take into account the sustainable management of forests and climate change for a territory that is totally covered by forests.


To promote the knowledge of the forest species to the population for its awareness in order to protect them.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

11/06/2020 - project still in progress (minimum duration of 5 years)

Quantitative results

One hundred and twenty-nine (139) seedlings of different species were planted and many cribs were made to secure them.
The list of planted species is as follows:

  • Sapelli:12
  • Tiama:14
  • Mokolungu:12
  • Azobé: 12
  • Wengué:17
  • Ebene:12
  • Ayous:12
  • Fraqué:12
  • Kossipo:12
  • Sipo:12
Qualitative results

On a total of 139 plants so far planted we register the following results:
96 plants are growing normally to date;
30 plants are destroyed by the animals in divagation and by the acts of the uncivilized;
13 plants have not grown.


Until now, the project has been financed by the Commune's own funds, and this is where the difficulty lies for the continuation of the activities and their good implementation.

About the


Grégoire Hadjinsy KOUFFA
Président du Conseil Municipal, Maire de la Ville de Pokola

Land planning, urbanization, creation of green spaces, sanitation, garbage collection, etc…

A project
in collaboration /div>
  • Green-DEV

    Association Locale de Developpement

    MILANDOU Teddy
Other partners / supporters

UPARA: Unité Pilote d’Aménagement, de Reboisement et d’afforestation:

Climate Chance

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