Inclusive tactical urban planning

We're women urban transport operators, and we're going to offer this service by marking our presence on a specific site, for a specific period of time

An initiative of african-women-move-association

Overview of the project

We intend to organise tactical urban planning operations that are more inclusive of women and young people. We are choosing a street with heavy vehicular traffic and a high population density, which restricts the movement of women and girls on foot because of the lack of safety. The operation consists of cutting off vehicular traffic on a chosen street, marking the ground with flower pots and paint, and adding lighting.
However, we also intend to create activities on this street that will generate a human presence, even during late hours, so that women and girls can move around peacefully, even at late hours, without needing to be accompanied.


Women's contribution to reducing vehicle pollution.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

Projet encours

Quantitative results

Considerable reduction in vehicle pollution.

Qualitative results

Reduce vehicular pollution by raising awareness of more environmentally friendly modes of transport (walking, cycling, etc.),
– Inform, educate and train its members and target populations;
– Organising seminars, practical training workshops and meetings;
– Collaborate with public authorities, local authorities, NGOs, associations and national and international institutions;
– Identify, develop, implement and evaluate projects and programmes for the benefit of the population;
– Create a newsletter …


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Hermine Mbonging Nguetse
+237 674 006537

We’re women urban transport operators, and we’re going to offer this service by marking our presence on a specific site, for a specific period of time, with occasional improvements to encourage soft mobility and raising awareness of good travel practices in major African cities.
We offer a tactical urban planning operation on a street. We want to make our presence felt on a specific street, over a short period of time, by making one-off improvements to the ground, and by raising public awareness of good travel practices in the city of Yaoundé.
It involves redesigning a street or crossroads using simple, inexpensive elements such as paint markings and accessible street furniture.

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