France at +2°C: Life stories in the climate of the future

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Overview of the project

The “France at 2°C” project aims to raise awareness of the consequences of global warming. Breaking with traditional approaches, six short stories immerse the reader in the daily life of French people in a world at +2°C. These stories, based on scientific data, cover various sectors.
These stories help demystify the notion of +2°C and encourage proactive adaptation to climate change, often the “poor relation” of climate policies.
Using fiction helps overcome the technical complexity of climate discourse by allowing the reader to visualize and feel the concrete impacts of a world at +2°C. This narrative approach, going beyond simple popularization, aims to provoke an emotional reaction to strengthen awareness and encourage individual and collective action.
The stories are set around 2050 and explore plausible – but not necessarily desirable – situations, avoiding setting definitive solutions. They address various sectors, from health to tourism, highlighting the multidimensional effects of climate change. While recognizing the uncertainties in climate trajectories, the project includes a confidence gauge to indicate the level of reliability of the scientific information used.
This approach therefore aims to bridge the gap between the complexity of scientific work on climate and the daily lives of the general public. Through immersive stories, the project seeks to inspire deeper understanding and increased awareness, encourage the implementation of actions and stimulate informed dialogue on adaptation, a necessary strategy in the face of the climate emergency.


Through six immersive stories, "La France à 2°C" aims to raise awareness and encourage proactive adaptation in the face of the consequences of global warming to +2°C, by exploring the different aspects of French people's daily lives in this context, while highlighting the need to better anticipate climate change for sustainable adaptation.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

Project launched on 07/12/2023

Quantitative results

The project website has recorded over 1,300 online visits since its launch on December 7, including 76 downloads of the stories in PDF format. Returns on social networks indicate a significant reach, with massive shares (e.g. over 19,000 impressions for the LinkedIn post presenting the stories, and over 12,000 impressions for the sharing of the photo of the stories with the Minister of Transition.
These quantitative indicators suggest significant public engagement, exceeding BL evolution’s initial expectations.

Qualitative results

– Development of a replicable methodology combining fictional writing techniques and scientific data (art-science device).
– Organization of exchanges with players in the climate and transition sector wishing to carry out similar projects.
– Creation of a mailing list to disseminate information on adaptation and climate, and to monitor and assess the uptake of the stories by readers.
– Delivery of a copy of the stories to the French Minister for Ecological Transition.
Feedback underlines the impact of fiction in making the abstraction of climate change tangible. The fictional characters generated empathy and deep reflection, enabling readers to better understand the issues at stake and raise their awareness.


Project financed with own funds.

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