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Micro Gardening in the Municipality of Dakar

The Municipality of Dakar is committed to fighting against poverty by generating income from the establishment and awareness-raising of micro gardening.

An initiative of the Municipality of Dakar

Overview of the project

Micro gardening entails of market gardening on a table. It requires inexpensive technology as materials and inputs are salvaged and readily available to everyone. An alternative to the disappearance of agricultural land and lack of water, micro gardening is a sustainable agriculture contributing to the food and nutritional security of vulnerable groups.

Moreover, in a city like Dakar where concrete dominates and green spaces are lacking, micro gardening sites are real green lungs and contribute to the regreening of the capital.

With micro gardening, the consumption of fresh and healthy vegetables is possible for underprivileged families. The health, ecological, economic and even educational impacts are real.


The fight against poverty through income generation.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Quantitative results
  • 10,000 people trained
  • 5,000 culture pots distributed
  • 134 community production sites
  • 12 training and demonstration centres
  • 19 municipalities
Qualitative results
  • Better health of populations
  • A more balanced and healthy diet
  • Improvement of incomes and thus the quality of living conditions of vulnerable people
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases

Funding comes from the city of Milan.

About the

the Municipality of Dakar

Ndeye ndack POUYE
Director of Planning and Sustainable Development

Micro gardening

A project
in collaboration
  • FAO Sénégal

    Multi-stakeholder Organisation

    Cheikh Gueye