Makesense Africa trains and supports citizens, entrepreneurs, and organisations to build together the innovative, collaborative and inclusive Africa of tomorrow.

An initiative of Makesense Africa

Overview of the project

70% of carbon emissions come from cities, especially from a few sectors: food, energy, waste, water, transport and construction.

The future of African cities must be imagined and realised through a joint mobilisation of all stakeholders. The realities we are facing today is the momentum to create a new collaborative approach to sustainable cities: the City_Lab brings together all sustainable city stakeholders – governments, municipalities, private organisations, start-ups, NGOs – around the same objective: to co-construct impactful projects.

To achieve this, we foster collaboration at 3 levels:

  • Creation of favourable local ecosystems and training of facilitators in multi-actor collaboration methods
  • Identification of synergies and emergence of multi-stakeholder projects through collective intelligence workshops
  • Formalisation and acceleration of multi-stakeholder projects to accompany them from prototyping to scaling up

To bring between 5 and 12 project concepts to fruition that aim at making the sustainable city happen: support 2 projects in scaling up, and support 10 projects in the structuring and implementation of their prototypes. The goal is also to create a community of actors around the sustainable city.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

07/01/2021 - project still in progress

Quantitative results

Over 200 people mobilised around the launch events… the rest is yet to come!


Private organisation, a partner of the Eiffage Senegal project

About the

Makesense Africa

Thomas Doguet
COO - Chief of Operations

Our vision: Makesense Africa is the laboratory for all to design, test and disseminate innovative tools and approaches for a new vision of an inclusive, collaborative and entrepreneurial Africa.

Our mission: to train and support citizens, entrepreneurs and organisations to develop solutions and projects for the Africa of tomorrow.

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Other partners / supporters

City-Lab, a pan-African programme for sustainable cities, was designed by Makesense Africa and the CPA. Its version in Senegal is co-sponsored with Eiffage Senegal.