Inf’eau Mer Awareness Campaign

Since 1989, Méditerranée 2000 has been committed to sustainable development through awareness and education actions. With a diverse team of 8 employees and various partners, it reaches more than 12,000 young people and 4,500 adults annually, promoting active eco-citizenship.

An initiative of Méditerranée 2000

Overview of the project

The Inf’eau mer campaign is an information and awareness campaign for the preservation of the marine and coastal environment aimed at the general public during local events all year round and on the beaches in the summer. It is carried out by sixteen professional structures. She meets the public in order to inform them of sea and coastal issues and to encourage their commitment to an ecological transition. Concretely, these are stands, open and suitable for all, which offer information to users on the marine environment and the environment through different media (games, information panels, brochures, booklets, etc.). Objects related to environmental protection are offered to those present on the stand. These include, for example, reusable organic cotton shopping bags, beach ashtrays, etc. In addition, an opinion survey is distributed which questions beach users on their perception of the marine and coastal environment.
The Inf’eaumer campaign is organized as a collective coordinated by the Méditerranée 2000 association. The coordination is responsible for setting up the tools, the visibility of the campaign at the interregional and national level, relations with regional partners, to animate the dynamics of the collective. Each organizing structure’s mission is to organize the campaign on its territory and to ensure its promotion among its partners and the local press.


Inform and raise awareness among a wide audience of coastal and environmental protection issues through a fun and educational approach

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

Project still in progress

Quantitative results

Each year, the Inf’eau mer campaign raises awareness among more than 10,000 people in around forty municipalities.
4,000 to 5,000 people share their perception of their environment via the opinion survey.

Qualitative results

– Promote ownership and understanding of coastal management actions carried out by municipalities
– Develop more environmentally friendly tourism
– Collect information on users’ perceptions of the environment through an opinion survey


This project is supported thanks to main funding from the South Region - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, the Rhône-Mediterranean-Corsica Water Agency and SUEZ but also thanks to the communities which enable the deployment of the campaign on their territory.

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About the

Méditerranée 2000

Amandine Franc
Ecological Transition and Sustainable development Project Manager

Méditerranée 2000 has been committed, since its creation in 1989, to contributing to the sustainable development of territories through awareness-raising and educational actions, in order to encourage and support the responsible approaches of educational, economic, cultural, political, and develop active eco-citizenship. It reaches more than 12,000 young people and 4,500 adults each year thanks to a team of 8 employees from various disciplinary backgrounds (education, communication and sustainable development professionals), volunteers and members from scientific and economic circles.

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Other partners / supporters
The collective is made up of the Port-Cros and Porquerolles National Park, the Camargue Natural Park, the community of communes of the Gulf of St Tropez, the city of Hyères, the associations Ecoute ta planet, AIEJE, Naturoscope, Researchers in Grass, the Friends of the Giens Peninsula, CIETM, ADEE, Scientific Council of the Lérins Islands, the CPIE of the Lérins Islands and Pays d’Azur, the CPIE Bastia Golo Méditerranée and Méditerranée 2000.