Production of green coal and compost made out of organic agricultural waste for the benefit of women in Burkina Faso.

Training project on Climate Chance and the production of green coal and compost made out of organic agricultural waste for the benefit of women from GHOGHIN region in Burkina Faso.

An initiative of SOS Energie Burkina (SOSEB)

Overview of the project

Since a few decades, Burkina Faso has been going through extreme climate events, mostly droughts, floods, heatwaves and violent winds.

Therefore, adapting to the effects of climate change has become more crucial than ever and the need to reduce the country’s vulnerability facing climate risk is an ongoing process.

This is why engagement in climate change issues is so necessary! Trainings and sessions of awareness raising for vulnerable groups, in particular for women have been set up with the goal to inform women on the effect climate change as well as replacement solutions for wood and coal.

The idea is to provide women from the Goghin region with the possibility of continuing their traditional activities even facing the challenges ahead in the combustible sector.

The expected impacts of this project on the ecological sector:

  • forest cover is preserved and naturally replenishes
  • trees regrow and spead/enable more biodiversity
  • carbon sinks made by the trees that have been planted are preserved
  • greenhouse gas emissions are reduce
  • the effects of global warming are mitigated
  • the promotion of organic agriculture

Contribute to women's increase capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate changer and decreasing these impacts thanks to women's roles.

Level of progress

Pilote operation, experimentation

Project timeline

Since 2008

Quantitative results

The results already obtained by the project:

– 24 sessions of animation and sensitization on climate change

– 50 women from the group are trained on the techniques of making green charcoal, compost and agricultural bio pesticides

– 600 other women are sensitized

– 600 kg of green coal produced per month

– 1000 Kg of compost are produced every 45 days

– reduction of GHG emissions (the use of 100 kg of green coal prevents the emission of 166 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere).

Qualitative results

The expected results of the project are of various kinds:

Ecologically speaking

– Reduction of GHG emissions and preservation of forest cover

On the economic plan :

– Job creation and new income generation for women

On the social:

– Lightening the work of women with regard to firewood collection and improvement of their social status in terms of health: prevention of respiratory diseases.

– Drastically reduce the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture by introducing char (Bio char) and compost as fertilizer.


Fundings from German organisation called ASW

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About the

SOS Energie Burkina (SOSEB)

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Based in au Burkina Faso and created on 11th November 2008, the association SOS Energie Burkina (SOSEB)’s main objective is to protect the environment via the promotion of renewable energies.

SOS Energie Burkina association promotes the SOS Energie Burkina Project ; which was created also in 2008.

A specific mode of governance was put into place,one with an executive body, an advisary body as well as a control unit.

The different bodies are:

  • The Executive board
  • The General Assembly
  • The Control Commission

This national organisation intervenes mostly in the Center region, the center-South region, the Center-West region, and the Central plain.