Mud Management and Water Drainage Project

Support project for the Water and Sanitation sector, first established in 2010 in the Town of Bangangté with the global aim of constituting the local government-led system for water and sanitation. Today it has taken a new direction.

An initiative of Town of Bangangté

Overview of the project

Support project for the Water and Sanitation sector, first put in place in 2010 in the Commune of Bangangté with the global of of establishing a local government -led system for water and sanitation. Today it has taken a new direction.

The project entails developing sanitation services offered by the the Commune through the Mud Management and Water drainage Project.

The project aims to build a sanitation station that processes the mud drainage, acquiring a truck in charge of draining and consolidating the current services of the Commune that involve urban and rural sanitation, in order to :

  • promote the sector
  • answer to the population’s needs
  • keep within the town’s sustainable development framework

Presentation of the work:

  • The land where the project is taking place stretches over  1,817 ha, an area necessary for installing the station. Also, a circulation lane for accessing the different platforms on a 300 meters by 5 meters area has been converted just for the work.
  • The mud processing model is gradually set-up on stands.
  • The effective implementation of the first phase (2018) of the pre-processing device (including a screen, an equalization pit, 6 pools of rectangular sludge dehydration), all connected to a treatment refining station consisting of two basins.

To promote the sanitation and Water Sector and to respond to the population's needs by keeping within the framework on development in the town.

Level of progress


Quantitative results

The Commune started implementing the first phase of the project:

  • APS and APD studies
  • DAO production
  • environmental impact study with a certificate of environmental compliance
  • building the processing station for the mud draining compatible with the technical terms and validated
  • acquiring a “hydrocurer” truck measuring 14 cubic meters
Qualitative results

The Commune also established a local management service dedicated to the mud drainage thanks to management tools and a procedure manuel on how the service functions.

We can highlight the increase in demand for mud drainage services since the officialisation of the station on 19 Août 2018. The station’s start up has been very satisfactory and populations have been very demanding ! This shows that this project led by the local government truly fills a hole, and fixing the latrines problems.


The Commune benefited from funding from different international cooperation partnerships.

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About the

Town of Bangangté

Célestine Madam Ketcha - Courtès
+237677 60 29 24

The Commune of Bangangté is a decentralised collective divided into 7 groups :

  • Bangangté
  • Bangoulap
  • Bangoua
  • Bamena
  • Bahouoc
  • Batchingou
  • Bagang-Fokam.

Each area is considered independent and is placee under the authority of a head. For administration, Bangangté is the capital of the Ndé division of West region. The urban space of the commune is subdivided into 8 districts stretching over 800 km² and has a population of around 200 000 inhabitants. The Mayor is Madam Célestine Ketcha Courtès that devotes her work in to improving the populations lifestyle and finding well-being thanks to different available services that participate in creating innovative projects and public services, for example:

  • Citizen services Center
  • Communication Service
  • Financial Service
  • Urban planning and Construction Department
  • Service of Hygiene and Sanitation.
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    Cleo Lossouarn
  • Fondation Veolia


    Richard Nana Dwanang
  • AIMF (Association Internationale des Maires Francophones)

    Non-governmental organisation, association

    Ariana Ardesi