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Africa, Breathe | Farafina FIyemenye

With the projet #FarafinaFíyɛnminɛ, Kabakoo - The House Of Wondering collects data on the quality of the air we breathe.

An initiative of Kabakoo - The House Of Wondering

Overview of the project

Kabakoo – The House of Wondering has launched the project #FarafinaFíyɛnminɛ to tackle the problem of air pollution. Farafina Fíyɛnminɛ means “Africa, breathe” in Bambara. Thanks to measuring stations designed by a group of young Bamako under Kabakoo’s supervision, it is not possible to know what is the quality of the air we breathe.



#FarafinaFíyɛnminɛ's mission is to improve living environments through data on air quality.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Quantitative results
  • Quantification of the city of Bamako’s air pollution level and making the results accessible to all via an online platform.
  • Construction of a learning centre in accordance with sustainable architecture principles (construction in local materials adapted to the environment.)
  • Training of more than 350 young and old on the themes of climate change, sustainable construction, recycling, and air pollution.
Qualitative results
  • Initiation and animation of community debates on the issues of climate change and air pollution.
  • Significant improvement of the Kabakoo community’s knowledge, skills, and attitude regarding climate change, sustainable construction, recycling, and air pollution
  • Raised the awareness of the Kabakoo community on waste treatment through the implementation of selective sorting procedures.

Financed by the association's members.

About the

Kabakoo - The House Of Wondering

Communication and Partnership Officer

Kabakoo is a network of learning spaces, called the House of Wondering, dedicated to creative learning in African contexts. Since May 2018, with the launch of the first House of Wondering, Kabakoo has built a reputation as an innovative actor in the field of education. In one year of existence, various projects have already been carried out or are in progress, among which:

  • Construction of a learning centre in accordance with sustainable architecture principles;
  • “Africa, breathe// Farafina Flyemenye” project lead to the first citizen platform for measuring air quality in West Africa;
  • Various recycling workshops; and
  • Project on the transformation of organic waste into biogas.

The network works with international partners and local actors to provide cutting-edge creative learning solutions for African countries.

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