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Education Towards a Responsible Society : Ecosystemic Approach for Advocacy, Public Policies, Research and Teaching Programmes

This research project aims to propose alternatives to mainstream models of development, the transition to an ecosystemic model of culture, that makes socio-ecological objectives a priority... and much more!

An initiative of International Academy of Science, Health & Ecology

Overview of the project

An analytical, ecosystemic, epistemological and methodological framework is used to identify and reconceptualise roles and drives, towards a transformative change, encompassing, in the planning and evaluation of advocacy, public policies, research and teaching programmes, the co-design of four dimensions of being in the world (intimate, interactive, social and biophysical), as they combine, as donors and recipients, to induce the events (deficits/assets), cope with consequences (desired/undesired) and contribute for change (potential outputs).


It's about proposing alternatives to mainstream model of development, the transition to an ecosystemic model of culture, that prioritises socio-ecological objectives, environmental issues, quality of life and new forms of being in the world, imply a global political and economic restructuring.

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Quantitative results

Public policies, teaching and research programmes, nowadays segmented in different domains, should consider the configurations intertwining the different dimensions of being-in-the-world, in view of their dynamic equilibrium, strengthening their connections and sealing their ruptures; communication, advocacy, public policies, research and teaching programmes would:

  1. define the problems in the core of the “boiling pot” in view of a holistic, ecosystemic framework, instead of reducing them to the bubbles of the surface (effects, fragmented, taken for granted issues);
  2. combine the four dimensions of being in the world (intimate, interactive, social and biophysical) in the diagnosis and prognosis of the events, assessing their deficits and assets, as donors and recipients;
  3. promote the singularity of (identity, proper characteristics) and the reciprocity (mutual support) between all dimensions in view of their complementarity and dynamic equilibrium;
  4. prepare the transition to an ecosystemic model of culture to deal with the problems of difficult settlement or solution in the world, a condition for consistency, effectiveness and endurance.
About the

International Academy of Science, Health & Ecology

André Francisco Pilo
Correspondant member / University of São Paulo

The International Academy of Science (IAS) is a global membership organisation of researchers, scholars and intellectuals.

The International Academy of Science (IAS) as central body of the International Council for Scientific Development (ICSD) is an independent organisation of distinguished academics engaged in scientific research, dedicated to the furtherance of science and humanity for global sustainability and universal humanity.

It is the central and active ICSD-body which coordinates activities of the sections of IAS as well as of the boards (committees, institutions and honorary senate (members).

Main fields are:

  • biophysics
  • health science
  • health and ecology
  • environmental health
  • environmental education
  • education for sustainable development
  • forecasting of earthquakes
  • global change research
  • philosophy of science and medicine
  • planetary health /geohealth
  • physiology and sustainability science.

The International Academy of Science has independent research institutes in Russia, Azerbaijan and a center in Austria.

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  • Ecsite / 2nd HEIRRI Conference

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    Daphne Daras
  • Rede de Educação e Sustentabilidade / Universidade Federal Fluminense

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    Patricia A. Ashley

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