Territorial Adaptation Strategy in the Indre Department

We lead national and international missions to promote sustainable models, working with various entities on value chain transition, responsible agriculture, and the development of energy and low-carbon strategies for territories.

An initiative of Transitions

Overview of the project

The consortium formed by Transitions, Julie Fabre and Climate Adaptation Consulting is assisting the DDT, the Conseil Départemental and ADEME with the design and implementation of a process to mobilize local stakeholders in the development of an adaptation strategy based on the TACCT method:
Phase 1 involved taking stock of the work carried out by the partners in the approach (DDT, ADEME, Conseil départemental), carrying out an in-depth diagnosis of the policies and actions undertaken by local players in the field of adaptation and the level of knowledge/acculturation on this theme within the territory, benchmarking other territorial strategies on the issue of adaptation, and then drawing up and formalizing a strategic roadmap for the launch and leadership of the Stratégie Climat 36 approach;
Phase 2, currently underway, is dedicated to implementing the animation strategy defined in phase 1. This phase will include a wide range of activities aimed at implementing a TACCT approach (carrying out a diagnostic study to complement work already underway on the subject of adaptation, drawing up an adaptation strategy for the Indre region targeting issues deemed to be priorities by local players, formalizing an action plan to implement the strategy and adaptation trajectories).


Build an operational departmental climate change adaptation strategy based on the TACCT method, by developing and implementing a strategy for mobilizing and coordinating local players.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

2022-2024 - Projet still in progress

Quantitative results

– 1 in-depth vulnerability analysis and 17 climate indicator sheets presenting the climate trends to be anticipated in Indre
– Several maps illustrating and projecting in space the main climate changes to be anticipated in Indre
– 18 impact sheets detailing the main current and future consequences of climate change in Indre,
– 3 socio-economic analysis notes illustrating in concrete terms the repercussions of extreme heat on health, labor productivity and energy consumption, the impact of climate change on fish farming in the Brenne region, and the impact of climate change on industry.
– Several workshops to co-construct the strategy and action plan

Qualitative results

– Better preparation and collective anticipation of the extreme climatic events that will inevitably occur, through better knowledge of the territory’s vulnerability to CC.
– Savings in operating costs in the medium term and in capital expenditure in the long term, in particular by avoiding ill-adapted solutions and the extra costs associated with inaction.
– Greater efficiency in the implementation of public policies, and in the actions carried out by associative, economic and institutional players, by integrating the notion of long timeframes and uncertainty linked to CC.
– The networking of players, in a multi-partner and cooperative approach, enabling the sharing of experience.


Ademe, DDT Indre

About the


Amaury Parelle
Project Manager

In France and around the world, we work with public institutions, local authorities, businesses, cooperatives, agricultural sectors and civil society organizations to support the changes required for the emergence of more sustainable, inclusive and supportive models of production, consumption and organization. More specifically, we are working on
– Value chain transition through the implementation of sustainable and responsible sourcing practices.
– Agricultural and food transition, through the establishment of constructive dialogue between stakeholders.
– Territorial transition by supporting local energy, low-carbon and adaptation strategies.

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