Study on underground waters in the Guadalajara region

Study on aquifer characteristics of the Guadalajara region to direct public policies of the metropolitan region.

An initiative of Instituto Metropolitano de Planeación (IMEPLAN)

Overview of the project

The study includes the thorough characterisation of the current state of aquifers that are a major source of water for Guadalajara. The main objectives for this study are as followed:

  1. To receive and complete all knowledge on underground water sources in the Guadalajara region
  2. To describe the physical and geological environment in which the research is conducted
  3. To describe the current demand for drinking water including a census on the exploitation as well as other planned requests on the project in different scenarios
  4. To define the geometry around the aquifers by exploring the geophysics, the rock cuttings and the superficial and structural geology
  5. To characterise the chemicals of the underground water and determining its areal distribution by establishing geo-chemical factors that control presence and mobility by identifying the areas where any alteration takes place
  6. To establish underground water recharge zones
  7. To assess contamination vulnerability of underground waters.

Carry out and characterisation study on aquifers in the urban region of Guadalajara by obtaining results and inputs that constitute a solid base for directing public policies guaranteeing a long-term access to water thanks to an efficient and appropriate management system.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

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Instituto Metropolitano de Planeación (IMEPLAN)

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