Technical capacity building for young people from the cbnrm bwisha on technological innovation in ecologically sustainable construction of improved dwellings and ovens with hydraform interlocks

Reforestation, the manufacture and dissemination of improved stoves (fixed and mobile) and environmental education

An initiative of Association pour le Développement Durable et la Conservation des Forêts "ADDCF"

Overview of the project

This initiative to train women using new technologies is one of the responses to the recommendations of the study carried out to boost women’s expertise in various areas of sustainable management in the Virunga CBNRM zones. It will enable women to diversify their activities by learning to do things other than housework, farming and producing improved stoves. New opportunities for intervention and trades will strengthen women’s autonomy and, above all, help to improve their incomes, as we all know that women have a low income; with the sale of agricultural produce, they have difficulty meeting their family’s needs, especially as they are the only ones responsible for the family’s survival and education.
The proposed technical expertise is also good experience for the CAFEC project in Virunga; it’s a way of making the local populations in these CBNRM areas understand how women and girls can contribute to protecting the environment and combating climate change by carrying out alternative actions that are ecologically sustainable.


Encourage the empowerment of young girls and boys by giving young women access to related technological innovations, i.e. the construction of improved stoves and sustainable housing likely to contribute to the well-being of the target population and to the protection of the park and the fight against climate change.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

01/07/2022 - 30/09/2022

Quantitative results

– 15 girls and 5 boys from the Bwisha CLDCs trained in the sustainable construction of improved houses and ovens using hydraform blocks and its impact on climate change;
– 20 experts equipped and trained in small working materials
– the local population around Virunga Park made aware of the importance of houses built using ecologically sustainable materials;
-10,000 hydraform interlocks popularised to reduce deforestation.
– 1 CLDC BWISHA cloister built
– 4 improved fixed stoves built in households
– 4 improved stoves repaired

Qualitative results

– improved knowledge levels among learners
– improved living conditions for local populations


financed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

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Reforestation, the manufacture and dissemination of improved stoves (fixed and mobile), environmental education through the media and mass awareness sessions, the manufacture and dissemination of interlock hydraform blocks, beekeeping, agroforestry and permaculture.

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