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Adopt Sustainable Paper Consumption Methods In Nigeria Higher Institutions; Combat Climate change

Environmental Protection Promoters Initiative ensures a sustainable paper consumption methods and works with the Higher Institutions and Universities to fight against deforestation and the over-production of papers.

An initiative of Environmental Protection Promoters Initiative

Overview of the project

This project is designed to move for the implementation of one of the most practical ways adequately combat deforestation. This initiative is brought about a qualitative study conducted by our organization on the immodest consumption of papers only on students final year paper projects and seminars work. The project goal is to ensure all paper works with emphasis on final year students projects and seminars are compulsorily written on both sides of the papers and modest font sizes and lines spacing are also adopted. Expected project achievement is protection of at least half the forest destroyed for the production of papers and at the Long run combat climate change impacts.


Combat deforestation through protection of at least half the forest destroyed for the production of papers.

Level of progress


Project timeline

21/03/2019 - 3/2/2020

Quantitative results

Quantity of papers consume annually by printing final year students seminars and projects works alone in Nigeria higher institutions.

Qualitative results

99.9% of Nigeria higher institutions print projects works and seminars on both sides of papers.


EPPI board members and Mykesther Nigeria Limited

About the

Environmental Protection Promoters Initiative

Sylvester Itimi
Executive Director

Environmental promotion and protection.

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    Amb. Caroline Osikpedo

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