Mangrove Restoration and Conservation

This project led by the Sankandi Youth Development Association aims at conserving and restoring the rural environment and launching sustainable development initiatives to empower youth and women in rural Gambia.

An initiative of Sankandi Youth Development Association

Overview of the project

Following the destruction of the mangrove forests around the village, the people of Sankandi have suffered the direct consequences of their loss: fewer fish for fishing and lost farmland due to salinisation of the soil. Thanks to this rural Gambian project, the community has organised itself to reverse their fate by launching sustainable development initiatives to create jobs.


Conserve and restore the rural environment and launch sustainable development initiatives to empower youth and women in rural areas of The Gambia.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Quantitative results

200,000 propagules of red mangrove (rhizophora mangle) were planted along Bintang Bolong river banks near the village of Sankandi.

Qualitative results

Basic scientific data collected and published by Edinburgh students.


Funding by donors and counterparts.

About the

Sankandi Youth Development Association

Ansumana Darboe
Project Coordinator
(220) 3900280/7580332

Mangrove conservation, research, sustainable development initiatives and education.

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