Communal Reforestation Campaign (CRC)

The Association Ambassadeurs de l'environnement is a non-profit environmental association. It has organized a communal reforestation campaign in the tannes area and in the 15 neighborhoods of Diofior.

An initiative of Ambassadeurs De l’Environnement

Overview of the project

A nursery of 6,000 seedlings was created to ensure reforestation. Half of the seedlings were used to create a park in the tannes area and to reclaim land already affected. The other half was given to the sports and local associations of the communes, which were in charge of reforesting each neighborhood.

The first step, the establishment of the nursery, required the mobilization of a large human resource. The members of the association worked with a nurseryman who had been made available to the association by the town hall.

  • Help was received from the students of the horticultural training center for repotting, which allowed the work to progress rapidly.
  • From time to time, a PRODER agent visited the nursery site to bring seeds, 5000 in total.
  • A chief sergeant of Water and Forests gave, as for him, for the project, a thousand seeds.

This is a total of 6,000 seeds that were used to sow seeds in the nursery. These seeds had been previously collected in nature; they are seeds of Niaouli, Filaos Eucalyptus, as well as other useful trees for the shade they provide and fruit trees that already exist in the area.

The realization of the nursery consisted in filling the bags of earth, proceeding to the sowing and maintaining the plants throughout their growth phase. Meetings were held to plan the activities in conjunction with the stakeholders and authorities. These meetings were held at the town hall of Diofior. The mayor of the commune has set up a Communal Committee in charge of reforestation and project monitoring.


The association organized a communal reforestation campaign in the tannes area and in the 15 districts of Diofior. For information, the tannes are sandy lands, very salty, frequently submerged by the sea. The aim was to fight against the high temperatures, the degradation of the land and the phenomenon of salinization.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

From 03/2021 to 08/2021

Quantitative results

The contribution provided by local associations and the population is essential, in particular to ensure the follow-up of the operations in time. The population has acquired new knowledge, both in terms of explaining the phenomena and the means and techniques to be implemented. These are the guarantees of a sustainable action. As for the local authorities, they have shown that they have taken responsibility for the different stages of the project.

Qualitative results

It was essential to intervene in the face of soil salinization, which contributes greatly to land degradation in the region. This project allowed to recover part of the land that was affected by salinity by planting 3000 plants in the Tannes area. The plants used are well adapted to this land, resistant and able to fight against the increase of salinity and wind erosion. These plantations must contribute to improve, progressively, the fertility of the soils by blocking the rise of salt water and by recreating a layer of fertile soil. They should also help to limit soil drought, which is accentuated by current climate change.


- Mairie de Diofior
- ARD Fatick
- Service Eaux et Forêts de Fimela
-ONG Océanium
-Lions Club Dakar Xarit

About the

Ambassadeurs De l’Environnement

Babacar Ngor DIOM

Ambassadeurs de l’environnement is a non-profit environmental association made up mostly of young people from Diofior, students and volunteer members from all over Senegal. Today we have thousands of members and our mission is

  • to sensitize the population to take good care of the environment,
  • to carry out reforestation campaigns,
  • and to manage the waste especially in the houses,
  • to carry out social actions, to organize marches and forums in favor of the environment.
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