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Youth on the Move is a project from the international NGO CliMates that hopes to underline the obstacles and difficulties that young people face in terms of climate migration worldwide. The project also highlights creative solutions, ideas and resilience strategies that young people from all over the world have put in place.

An initiative of CliMates

Overview of the project

The Youth on the Move project, initiated by members of the think-tank CliMates, it aims to create a network of initiatives led by youth to understand, inform and raise awareness on climate-induced migrations.

We are currently witnessing a large-scale migration crisis, with no long-term solution, and neither factual information, citizen education and lack of an official legal recognition of the impacts of climate change on population displacement. There are more and more studies on this phenomenon in the past decade but none of which focus on the need and the complexe experiences of the climate migrants, especially for Youth –  particularly vulnerable population.

The project’s aim is to:

  • highlight the obstacles and difficulties that young climate-induced migrants endure
  • showcase creative solutions, ideas and resilience strategies put in place by youth

The project therefore informs and raises awareness, thanks to:

  • diffusing informative news
  • intervening in conferences and festivals in front of various audiences
  • creating documentaries
  • elaborating orignal and quality content based on in the field research and a sharp analysis of scientific reports on cas studies
  • becoming a credible interlocutor on Climate Migration issues

YOTM is composed of a group of young individuals that wish to inform and raise awareness on climate-induced migration. The, the idea is to create a network of youth from all over the world that are find creative solutions through adaptation and resilience strategies. The ambition is to highlight the consequences of climate change on the mobility or immobility of certain populations and to emphasise these mainly youth populations vulnerabilities.



To change people's view on climate-induced migrations.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

January 2016 - Today

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Lucie Pélissier

CliMates is an international youth-led think-and-do tank on climate change gathering together volunteers, both students and young professionals.

The goal of our NGO (non-governmental organization) is to take on the climate challenge by :

  1. Developing and promoting innovative ideas and tools

  2.  Training youth to become change-makers

  3.   Influencing decision-makers

CliMates’ project was born in France in 2011 and has spread all around the world with members in more than 30 countries. You can join us and/or collaborate with us from everywhere!

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