Ecolodge “La Tourterelle”

Setting up an Ecolodge of ecological and social value

An initiative of Ecolodge « La Tourterelle » sustainable business

Overview of the project

The Ecolodge La Tourterelle is a tourist establishment which is part of the strategy for an inclusive ecotourism. Its objectives can be defined in two main aspects: 1.a genuinely ecological and environmental dimension, with:
  • A garden in the farm, which blooms amid green valleys.
  • A space for biological cattle breeding; kids (goat), endemic lamb (D'man) and local domestic poultry (Beldi chicken and birds: quail...), beldis eggs...
  • The construction is conceived under ecological standards, using local material, allowing full rest in a peaceful and clean environment.
All local products are a vegetal resource which allows the production of biological food for nature-loving people and friends of the EcoLodge "La Tourterelle" 2. Staff from a family well-rooted in history, mastering a deep authentic local knowledge. ex: firewood cooking. The mission is to ensure an art of good living and wellbeing. The life cycle is circular: seeding or vegetable reproduction, added to a bio-mass fertilized production from domestic animals allows consumers to enjoy natural and biological products.

To create a natural-cycle ecosystem in order to improve quality of life

Level of progress


Quantitative results
  • The EcoLodge registers around 5 clients per week in average, and depending the season.
Qualitative results
  • A quality accommodation adapted to the spirit of a social, inclusive and responsible ecotourism.
  • Giving value to certified local products (eco-labelling system)
  • Giving value to recognized heritage.
  • Visits from resource people: ecologists, expert researchers, academics, eco-hikers...


About the

Ecolodge « La Tourterelle » sustainable business

Amhaouch Brahim
+212 6 07 18 67 64
The manager of the Ecolodge LA TOURTERELLE, member of the organisation of social and inclusive tourism, wishes to promote environmental riches and to develop an inclusive, social and responsible tourism as part of various alternatives for a sustainable development.