Participatory Guarantee System

An alternative labelling system for a sustainable and ecological agriculture

An initiative of RIAM - Network of agro-ecology initiatives of Morocco

Overview of the project

Commercialisation is one of the main issues with small producers and rural-urban relations. We are developing a Participatory Guarantee System for a community-based labelling. It involves a network of producers practicing sustainable and green agriculture, as well as consumers who value this approach in Morrocco. Thanks to their technical knowledge, the producers monitor and control agro-ecological practices, while consumers guarantee the evaluation's neutrality. Verification visits are also a friendly and valuable moment of sharing and knowledge-exchange.

Developing an alternative labeling system in collaboration with the community

Level of progress

Pilote operation, experimentation

Quantitative results
  • Implementation phase in Rabat region, the objective is to extend the system throughout Morocco.
  • First labelling of crop productions in October 2018, allowing consumers to indentify agro-ecological products and to ensure their origin and their conformity.
Qualitative results
Adding value to agro-ecological production through:
  • production specification for agro-ecology  crop productions
  • a charter
Produced during the 2017 collective workshops, these tools, first milestones to certification, are conceived to evolve over time in order to improve practices and to adapt to the various conditions for agriculture nation-wide.

With the support of the FCAMDD (Fondation crédit agricole du Maroc pour le développement durable).

Annie Mellouki, president of the association, introduces the RIAM

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About the

RIAM - Network of agro-ecology initiatives of Morocco

Annie Mellouki
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Developing agro-ecology in Morocco. Linking up, connecting, bringing together stakeholders, mutualising and capitalising. The RIAM is composed of people, collectives or autonomous structures, brought together by agro- ecology and its values. The purpose of the RIAM is to provide agro-ecology stakeholders in Morocco a place to meet, to get information and to share experiences, in order to foster the creation of synergies between the initiatives that they undertake. The RIAM works for the emergence and development of agro-ecology in Morocco, by setting common and transversal goals in the different activities: contributing to the autonomy of communities, contributing to food sovereignty and health, contributing to the preservation and the valorisation of the  universal natural heritage.