GEN4STEM: Generation and Gender for STEM

GEN4STEM raises awareness on environmental issues while promoting and leading projects in STEM

An initiative of Coastal and GISciences Research Institute

Overview of the project

The online programme offers a 6-month training based on mentoring, skills development and networking with high-powered role models. The programme is available in English & French. STEM fields are crucial to better understand climate change and develop science-based or nature-based solutions to address local socio-environmental challenges. Having more female scientists and engineers will also help balance gender representation in climate & environmental governance while achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Mentees at the programme can benefit from tailored mentoring to build their academic and career plan and develop soft skills ranging from communication to leadership, self-evaluation, and the ability to develop and execute academic and career plans. They are also presented with new networking opportunities with inspiring women in STEM. They increase their employability and visibility on the job market while becoming members of an international community of promising young talents. On the other hand, mentors are role models, female scientists and engineers in STEM (including researchers), ready to support girls. Mentors improve their coaching, counselling and mentoring skills. Each mentor or role model shares her experience and knowledge in STEM and gives feedback and tips. All participants are now members of the GEN4STEM international community of highly skilled women in West Africa.


GEN4STEM is a tailored programme that addresses the gender gap in STEM (Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics) by supporting young girls' academic and career orientation.

Level of progress


Project timeline

01/01/2022 - 07/31/2022

Quantitative results
  • This first edition (2022) of GEN4STEM reached 16 countries in West Africa (Senegal, Benin, Liberia, Gambia, Mali, Chad, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Togo, Niger, Guinea, Nigeria, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Mauritania).
  • It empowered 60 participants, 30 mentors (15 English and french speaking) and 30 mentees (15 English and french speaking).
  • 73.68% of the mentees never had a mentor and needed one before starting the GEN4STEM programme.
  • After completing the programme, 89.43% affirmed having a clear academic and career plan with goals and milestones than before.
Qualitative results

Female participants mentioned being interested in biology, data sciences, chemical engineering, financial accounting, IT and computer sciences, electrical engineering, and mathematics. They showed a great interest in pursuing a STEM career at the postgraduate level (MSc, MA, PhD) and launching STEM-based entrepreneurial projects.


The GEN4STEM program was self-funded.

About the

Coastal and GISciences Research Institute

Awa Bousso DRAME
Founder and Manager

Coastal and GISciences Research Institute (CoastGIS) is a non-profit organisation based in Dakar, Senegal, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the African Union 2063 Agenda, and aims to promote and conduct Coastal, Marine, Oceanic, and Environmental Research; raise awareness on environmental and climate change impacts while promoting and leading projects in Geospatial sciences, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and associated fields. Furthermore, we particularly seek to boost Education in STEM through skills and human capital development with a specific focus on girls and women based on Entrepreneurship & social impacts to turn sciences and research into social impact for communities development and resilience in Senegal and all over West Africa.

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Other partners / supporters

The GEN4STEM program is a self-funded initiative that seeks to develop partners to offer the programme to more girls in Senegal and West Africa and develop a small scholarship program to support these young talents.