Clean cooking for all

Inyenyeri's project focusses on a better and healthier way to cook in rural Rwanda to protect both the community and the planet at the same time.

An initiative of Inyenyeri

Overview of the project

Cooking is the one form of energy every family must use every day, and it’s a huge source of time poverty, health impacts, and environmental degradation. We have created a solution that’s better for our health, and the climate, and costs less. And most importantly it’s available to everyone, even the rural poor.


Healthier lives, cooler planet.

Level of progress

Multi-site development

Project timeline


Quantitative results

6,000 homes served, including urban, rural, and refugee communities

Qualitative results

98% reduction in household air pollution, up to 90% reduction in biomass used ( reduced landscape impacts ), up to two hours saved per day in rural areas, 30% lower cost than charcoal in urban areas


Grants, equity, and customer payments

About the


Tom Price
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Over three billion people cook everyday using dirty fuels like sticks, charcoal, and dung. It’s terrible for their health, and the environment, leading to deforestation and erosion. And collecting firewood puts women and girls at risk. Inyenyeri developed a better solution : Clean cooking fuel utility, available to all rich and poor
The best solution is an integrated Fuel+Stove system, designed around customer needs.

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