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Project Water Education for Teachers (WET)

This project aims to develop and deliver the world's best water education resources, organize special water events, manage a worldwide network of local implementing partners and advocate for the role of water education in solving the world's most pressing water issues.

An initiative of California Department of Water Resources (DWR)

Overview of the project

DWR (California Department of Water Resources) and WEF collaborate to present a series of workshops to create lesson plans that incorporate climate change into lesson plans with teachers.

Project WET, or Water Education for Teachers, provides the basics of climate science, the ways that DWR is addressing climate change impacts related to water supply, and clarity around climate adaptation and mitigation. The activities are aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards and supplement existing curriculum, including the California Education and the Environment Initiative curriculum units.


Project WET’s mission is to reach children, parents, teachers and community members of the world with water education that promotes awareness of water and empowers community action to solve complex water issues. We achieve our mission by:

  • Publishing water resource education materials that are appropriate for many different age groups and cultures and offer comprehensive coverage of the broad topic of water.
  • Providing training workshops to educators at all levels, formal and non-formal, on diverse water topics so that those educators can reach children with objective, experiential, science-based water education.
  • Organizing and inspiring community water events, including water festivals and ActionEducation™ projects.
  • Building a worldwide network of educators, water resource professionals, NGO, water scientists and other experts to advocate for the role of water education in solving complex water issues.

To create lesson plans that incorporate climate change into lesson plans with teachers.

Level of progress


Quantitative results

Workshop locations have spanned communities like Oroville, Visalia, Los Angeles, Redding, Fresno, Riverside, Bishop, and West Sacramento. From these efforts, almost 60,000 California K-12 students learned from 89 teachers who are familiar with the community and who build trust with youth on a daily basis.

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California Department of Water Resources (DWR)

Joseph Wall
Climate Policy Advisor

DWR manages California’s water resources, systems, and infrastructure, including the State Water Project (SWP), in a responsible, sustainable way.

Our responsibilities and duties include: Preventing and responding to floods, droughts, and catastrophic events Informing and educating the public on water issues Developing scientific solutions Restoring habitats Planning for future water needs, climate change impacts, and flood protection Constructing and maintaining facilities Generating power Ensuring public safety Providing recreational opportunities

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