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Mopepe is a green economy company that seeks to preserve air quality for future generations with an innovative solution: the first electric/solar-powered mobility service in Central Africa. Through it, they wish to develop eco-responsible behaviours.

An initiative of MOPEPE DRC

Overview of the project

Mopépé is a green economy company whose name means “air” in Lingala, but why this name? Air is one of the most precious common resources, yet there are many dangers to its sustainability. At Mopépé, we understand this and have been looking for ways to preserve its quality for future generations. Our reflections have enabled us to develop an innovative solution: the first electric/solar energy mobility service in Central Africa. Through it, we wish to develop eco-responsible behaviours.

After being a finalist in an international start-up competition called GET IN THE RING in 2016, we decided to launch MOPEPE in 2020 in order to support the sustainable development and the ecological transition of Africa. Thus, we wish to help our continent to reach the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN and the AU via the 2063 agenda.


Protect the environment, with the objective of limiting global warming by considerably reducing the carbon footprint in DRC.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Quantitative results

We launched the company in February 2021 and we have already achieved:

  • A turnover of $300,000 with the sale of vehicles,
  • 2 sponsoring contracts at $300,000,
  • revenues with the Eco cars solution since February = 1200 runs with our 8 vehicles
  • Eco cars turnover = 3000* 8 = 24000 $*12 = 288 000 $.
  • CA Refill solution = 10.000 $ subscription refill,

Total = 682.000 $, with the goal to make a turnover of 2000. 000 $ by December 2021

Qualitative results
  • A contribution to the limitation of global warming and the considerable reduction of the carbon footprint in DR Congo, thanks to our vehicles that emit zero emissions
  • A quality service that offers (free WIFI on board our vehicles, security and comfort)
  • Incentives to Congolese motorists to make their ecological transitions
  • First private service of car-sharing of electric cars in self-service available in the agglomeration of Kinshasa to the employees of the companies partner of Mopépé for the first time. An option similar to Uber (payable to the race or hour)

About the



Our reflections have allowed us to develop two innovative solutions: ECO CAR and REFIL

  1. Eco car : The first electric/solar energy mobility service in Central Africa, private car-sharing service with self-service electric cars available in the Kinshasa area, an option similar to Uber
  2. Solution Refill: Consists in developing a network of public recharging stations in the city of Kinshasa in order to encourage other consumers to make the ecological transition, especially companies with their CSR policies, to favour green mobility.
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