Community-based disaster risks management

Shalom International is a Senegal-based NGO engaged in disaster risk reduction, education and economic empowerment initiatives.

An initiative of Mission Shalom International

Overview of the project

Senegal is vulnerable to a multitude of climate changes and man-made disasters: flooding, high sea levels (coastal areas), drought, desertification (Sahelian areas), and land degradation. A post-disaster needs assessment conducted from 2009 to 2013 for floods and desertification indicated that material and economic losses due to disasters are increasing, mainly in the regions of Matam and St Louis.

This resilience project is being implemented in the community of Guet Ndar located in the Langue de Barbarie strip in St. Louis. It is based on risk mapping and needs assessment survey data collected earlier.

The project aims to build the capacity of vulnerable people in the community of Guet Ndar to manage disaster risk by developing their own community-wide climate change mitigation action plans.


The objective is to strengthen the capacity of vulnerable people in the Matam Region to manage disaster risks by developing community-based climate change mitigation action plans.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

01/11/2018 - Project still in progress

Quantitative results
  • 3 community consultation workshops organized to develop action plans against the impact of disasters and climate change;
  • 200 youth supported with resources to construct flood barriers to protect buildings and social services;
  • 200 women supported with vocational training for income-generating activities in the community;
  • 3 advocacy visits organized with the local administration to create synergy in the planning and implementation of all action plans.

Qualitative results
  • Contribute to building the resilience of 3 communities to climate change and disasters and enhance the development of disaster risk management methods and strategies tailored to the needs of the local community;
  • Increase the material capacities of local community actors to enable them to engage in resilience actions by themselves and engagement between different actions in resilience building processes;
  • Create synergies between civil society organizations to flesh out best practices in helping vulnerable communities develop effective community-based disaster risk management initiatives.

The project is funded by: EU - DEVCO; GNDR; Shalom International.

About the

Mission Shalom International

Andy Agbein Kings
Executive Director

Shalom International is a Senegal-based NGO engaged in disaster risk reduction, education and economic empowerment initiatives among vulnerable and isolated communities.

The organization is involved in the implementation of projects that help communities develop resilience-building activities in the event of natural disasters and make their voices and needs heard by the international community.

Shalom International is also involved in promoting educational projects through the establishment of schools and training programs for economic strengthening.