Green Randonnée Dakar

The GRD (Green Randonnée Dakar) is an event that brings together several actors of climate change. It is initiated by the Yoff Environment Club in collaboration with over 40 national and international organizations.

An initiative of Club Environnement Yoff

Overview of the project

The GRD (Green Randonnée Dakar) is an event that brings together several actors of climate change. It is initiated by the Environment Club of Yoff in collaboration with more than 40 national and international organizations. It aims to raise awareness and send a strong signal for the protection of the environment on the occasion of the World Environment Day celebrated every JUNE 5th. The first edition in 2022 took place with the participation of the Senegalese Cycling Federation and the objective was to introduce the population to the use of bicycles to reduce pollution. In addition, places impacted by climate change are chosen for the bike rides in order to advocate to the relevant political actors and to raise awareness among the population. Several parallel activities are also organized: an exhibition to show the types of pollution, a reforestation activity, the establishment of a nursery, a theatrical performance to raise awareness and various workshops …


The main objective of the Green Randonnée Dakar project is to alert the Senegalese population, in particular that of Dakar, to environmental issues.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Qualitative results

As mentioned earlier, the actors involved in the protection of the environment in Senegal and in the world participated massively in this day. In total, we counted 50 organizations for a total of 320 participants who came to show their commitment and determination to protect the environment. 50 trees were planted along the route and 31.7% of participants were women. Moreover, we noted an effective participation of young people under 20 years old (75%).


The project was financed with the help of partner associations and some companies.

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Faced with the alarming situation of environmental degradation, a collective of young students and workers of Yoff has formed to deal with this scourge. The Yoff Environment Club was created in January 2021. The YEC has set up an important program called “Yoff vert_Yoff propre” in order to fight against the problems related to insalubrity but also to make the commune green. Every month, the YEC organizes general cleaning and reforestation days in the neighborhoods of Yoff and its surroundings. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues. The Yoff Environment Club has various parallel activities: training workshops on micro-gardening, environmental education activities in schools, etc.

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