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ACT – Assessing low Carbon Transition Initiative

ACT - Assessing low Carbon Transition - is a joint voluntary initiative of ADEME and CDP under the UNFCCC Action Agenda (MPGCA) and supported by the French government.

An initiative of ADEME

Overview of the project

ACT is the only international initiative that:

  1. creates a climate accountability framework to assess companies’ decarbonisation strategies and transition plans, and
  2. equips them to define and implement ambitious strategies. With ACT, users can go beyond setting targets that are consistent with science, and demonstrate that the means implemented by companies to achieve them actually place them on a realistic trajectory compatible with the Paris Agreement.

This is what ADEME and its partners in the ACT initiative are proposing to all volunteer companies, with a specific programme for French companies and more than 100 consultants trained in ACT methods, as well as a project in Brazil and Mexico with IDDRI and emerging user ecosystems in Quebec and Japan.

Finally, the Climate & Energy Benchmarks published by the World Benchmarking Alliance, which uses the ACT methods, provide information on the difference between the ambition of the objectives when they exist and the means implemented to achieve them by 180 companies (450 by 2023) in industrial sectors such as electricity production or oil and gas. In order to complete the sectoral methodologies on mitigation, ACT is launching in 2022 ACT Adaptation, an experimentation of this complementary component for all companies regardless of their sector of activity, as well as ACT for Finance to equip financial institutions on the decarbonisation of their activities beyond the targets.


Ensure that companies that set carbon neutrality targets will achieve them.

Level of progress

Networking, internationalisation

Project timeline

12/12/2015 project still in progress

Quantitative results

Number of companies involved and other quantitative results:

Qualitative results

In 2021: launch of the ACT governance committee in France (, development and finalisation of the ACT Agri Agro methodologies including scenarios for this sector not covered by the IEA, Steel, Alu, Chemicals, Paper & Board, launch of the ACT Step by Step method to accompany companies as well as training and recognition of progress. Accompaniment and capacity building of actors abroad including Quebec, Brazil and Mexico.



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Romain Poivet
ACT Initiative Coordinator for ADEME (Agency for Ecological Transition)

ACT – Assessing low Carbon Transition – is a joint voluntary initiative of ADEME and CDP, part of the UNFCCC Action Agenda (MPGCA), supported by the French government since 2015.
Based on the following observations: the carbon footprint is not sufficient to address the issue of low-carbon transition; Uncertainty about the relevance and degree of confidence in public commitments.
ACT is the only international initiative that creates a “climate accountability” framework to assess companies’ strategies and transition plans towards the Paris Agreement target. ACT also helps companies define and implement their strategies.

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