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Biogas energy recovery in Diamaguene

"Waste to Energy", biogas energy recovery for the municipality through methanation.

An initiative of THECOGAS SN SARL

Overview of the project

The municipality houses the greatest livestock market. More than 3000 bovines are held there every day, with, on the long run, an enormous production of cow dung and other issues: clandestine slaughterhouses, air pollution etc…

The municipality also shelters a large industrial area: the free-zone of Dakar. The main goal of this project is the implementation of a sound framework for economic and social activities within municipalities.

In addition to energy recovery from waste, which is the main aspect of the project, the development of a foirail and the creation of a mini-slaughterhouse are also included in this project.


"Waste to Energy", biogaz energy recovery destined for bottling

Level of progress

Feasibility study, diagnosis

Quantitative results

Launching of three studies:

1/ on the municipality’s waste situation.

2 / on socio-economic organisation of the foirail.

3/ on butane consumption in the municipality

The studies are carried on the fiels by the municipality’s students association. It is a participative approach, under the supervision of THECOGAS, a Senegalese firm specialized in waste management systems.

Qualitative results

Approval and adoption of the project by the municipality council, with the adoption of an administrative act which recognise it as the municipality’s project.


We are still in a research phase for the development of the project. For the moment, actions based on volunteering are undertaken.

Photos of the initiative

About the


Lamine Ndiaye

Research and implementation office

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  • Commune d'arrondissement de Diamaguene SICAP MBAO (porteur du projet)

    Gouvernement local

    Coumba Ndoffène FALL
    Monsieur le Maire de la commune

    Business and industry

    Ibrahima NOBA
  • LRB

    Business and industry

    Luis Robby
  • Excellent Biogaz

    Business and industry

    Theo BIJMAN

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