Planting 5 hectares of local seed

This project in Togo aims to organise reforestation activities.

An initiative of Plan Sud

Overview of the project

The biggest development challenges in terms of the fight against poverty, the energy crisis or managing the environment are all relevant to the African context now or in decades to come.

Environmental issues are on the rise and the world is now turning to alternative development sources. Climate change consequences are more and more visible and the main cause is deforestation.

Togo has forests spreading over an estimated 1,250,000 hectares where 1,200,000 hectares of forests undergo unprecedented degradation with deforestation levels reaching 5,1% according to the FAO in 2011. Forests covering mountains and ecological zones of Togo are today completely fragmented and reduced to rows of trees by rivers (Adjossou, 2004).

This being said, compared to other countries in the region such as Ghana and Ivory Coast, Togo is not a forest country in economic and industrial terms. It seems as though efficient solutions are needed for society to face these development issues.


Planting trees over 5 hectares on land in order to mitigate the effects of climate change and generate new sources of income for populations in Togo

Level of progress

Feasibility study, diagnosis

Project timeline


Quantitative results

5 hectares worth of trees, 10 families with higher income

Qualitative results

Climate change mitigation, improving local residents incomes


No funding so far

About the

Plan Sud

Aboudou Moumouni Ali Fousseni
Executive director of Plan Sud

Plan Sud is a not-for-profit organisation that intervenes in the following sectors : est une association à but non lucratif qui intervient dans les domaines suivantes:

  • education
  • climate change and sustainable development
  • agriculture and food security
  • health
  • ecotourism