Garden ina box Africa (GarbA)

Our activities encompass the design, production, and distribution of organic gardening starter kits.

An initiative of Garden in a box Africa (GarbA)

Overview of the project

GarbA is a social enterprise that promotes the availability of safe, healthy, and nourishing food. This initiative, known aims to revolutionize sustainable agriculture by providing comprehensive organic gardening solutions through starter kits and a personalized mobile app. By empowering individuals to grow their own vegetables, GarbA contributes to food security, environmental conservation, and community empowerment. With a mission to cultivate one billion organic gardens by 2050, GarbA is creating sustainable food systems and economic opportunities.The current global food system is not producing or meeting up with the required amount of food needed to feed the world. We strongly believe that if we are going to develop a resilient and sustainable food future for all, the power of producing and growing food must be placed in the hands of people


The purpose of GarbA is to empower individuals/communities to grow organic vegetables sustainably, promoting self-sufficiency and environmental resilience.

Level of progress

Pilote operation, experimentation

Project timeline

Project still in progress

Quantitative results

– Donated 10 starter kits to 5 public schools to experiment and cultivate organic vegetable gardens
– Conducted organic gardening training sessions for 55 students and school management representatives
– The Forest and Vegetable Centre of International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), proposed signing MOU with GarbA in other to reach more public schools and communities.
– Registered as an organisational member of Africa Circular Economy Network (ACEN)
– Invitation to present GarbA’s at the 2022 World Circular Economy Forum, Lagos Studio
– Invitation as a speaker at the 2022 Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit (ISDS)
– Invitation as an exhibitor and panelist at the 2023 Circularity Africa Conference
– Selected for the AGEA 2023 Business Idea Competition in Germany

Qualitative results

Garnered heightened interest and enthusiasm among prospective customers and users, with many expressing interest in sustainable gardening, a greater sense of connection to nature and food sources, and a deeper appreciation for sustainable practices.
Testimonials of improved self-confidence in gardening skills, and a sense of accomplishment in growing organic vegetables.
Positive feedback on the potential of the gardening mobile app in guiding and educating users
Community engagement grew, fostering knowledge sharing and a sense of empowerment among participants
Encouragement of healthier eating habits as participants are enthusiastic about incorporating their home-grown organic produce into their diets.
School beneficiaries showed enhanced understanding of environmental sustainability


Personal savings, family, friends, and a grant

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About the

Garden in a box Africa (GarbA)

Sope Afolayan
+234 7033146345

Our activities encompass the design, production, and distribution of organic gardening starter kits. These kits include quality local seeds, gardening tools, compost manure production from food waste, organic pesticide production from neem tree, grow bags production from textile waste, necessary for successful vegetable cultivation.
GarbA engages in educational initiatives, empowering individuals, especially youth and women, with the knowledge and skills required for sustainable organic gardening practices. The organization further collaborates with communities, schools, NGOs, and other partners to promote food security and environmental sustainability.
Additionally, the development and maintenance of the personalized mobile app offer users tailored guidance, and best experience.

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Other partners / supporters

We have a partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Development (CESDEV), University of Ibadan, Nigeria, who offered us office space.
The Forest and Vegetable Centre of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), offered supply of quality seeds
An executive member of the Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria , is our technical partner