Supporting FEICOM in accessing funding

Making FEICOM the first Camerounese organisation to obtain a Green Climate Fund accreditation

An initiative of FMDV – Global Fund for Cities Development

Overview of the project

FEICOM is a Cameroonian administration in charge of local development.

The initiative aims at supporting the FEICOM in its objective to get more access to climate funds. After a study piloted by the FMDV, in partnership with the RIAFCO (Network of African Finance institutions for local governments) and UNCDF, financed by the PPIAF and the World Bank, about the possibilities for FEICOM to access climate finance, an action plan for its access to the Green Climate Fund was presented.

The initiatives’ objective is now to accompany the FEICOM in this process to become the first entity to have an accreditation for the GCF in Cameroon, and more generally in Africa.


Accompanying FEICOM in accessing climate finance

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

November 2018

Quantitative results

– Mapping of possibilities in access to finance for FEICOM.
– Indentification of the Green Climate Fund as the most adequate for FEICOM.
– General study on opportunities for FEICOM to access funds.
– Talks are underway for the creation of a partnership to offer support to FEICOM during the process of accreditation.

Qualitative results

– Familiarisation of FEICOM to the accreditation process of the GCF
– Willingness of FEICOM to reach international management standards.


AKOA, Directeur Général du FEICOM, s’exprimant sur le sujet lors de l’atelier du RIAFCO, en mars 2018

Source: FMDV

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