Recycling of organic waste for the production of Ecological Charcoal

Coalition for Greenpease is a Non-governmental environmental conservation organisation aimed at protecting the environment through sustainable and innovative initiatives.

An initiative of Coalition for Greenpease

Overview of the project

The populations from the Northern regions of Cameroon rely heavily on the use of wood as the main source of energy. As a result, there is a high deforestation rate. One of the methods used is bush burning. These two activities have contributed gravely to the carbon footprint of these regions due to their daily practice. 

To solve this, Coalition for Greenpease engaged in a training program with the natives of Ngaoundere, to teach them how to make ecological charcoal from their everyday organic waste. This training was held with the administrative partnership of the Mayor, in order to get a good turnout for the program and to ensure the effective implementation of the skill in households.


Our mission is to stop deforestation through the production of Ecological Charcoal made by recycling organic waste.

Level of progress


Project timeline

02/11/2021 - 03/16/2021

Quantitative results
  • An attendance of 200 individuals was recorded
  • 52 in-house follow up missions
  • Reduction of organic waste disposal in the streets by 30%
Qualitative results
  • Complete banning of the use of bush fires either as a method for deforestation or weeding.
  • Implementation of local policies on deforestation

Individual contributions

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About the

Coalition for Greenpease

ESEMBE Phidelle-Liza
Public relations Officer/ Environmental engineer

Coalition for Greenpease is an Environmental Conservation NGO that puts in place sustainable and innovative initiatives to protect the environment from the excess of waste and other detrimental consequences of human action. We collect waste and upcycle it into useful products. Coalition for Greenpease also carries out  awareness campaigns on the dangers of climate change, continual pollution and deforestation, therefore fostering Sustainable Development Goals 6,9,13,14 and 15.

We recycle plastics to produce roofing sheets, pavement tiles and internal house decorations. We also produce biodegradable household utensils, disposable plates and packaging from organic waste.

The grear majority of these inititatives take place during our trainings in the different communities of Cameroon.

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Other partners / supporters

The Mayor of Ngaoundere