Douala 2 Environmental Clubs’ Awards

Care For Environment is an educational project in the form of a competition between different schools, set up by the association "Care for the Environment," with the aim of familiarising young pupils in Douala to the issues related to environmental preservation.

An initiative of Care For Environment

Overview of the project

This initiative is a competition between all the environmental clubs from the secondary schools in the Second District of Douala, Cameroon. The competition takes place in the form of several matches:

  • Quiz match;
  • A poem raising awareness of climate change;
  • A Miss/Mister contest with an emphasis placed on the resonating message; and
  • Building a project to fight against climate change effects.

Familiarise young students in Douala to the issues related to environmental preservation through the use of fun activities.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

2/5/2020- 5/13/2020

Quantitative results
  • Six thousand secondary school students in the city of Douala are capable of providing solutions adapted to climate change and communicating on climate change or any other aspect of the global ecological crisis.
  • Ten schools in the city of Douala are poles of reference in the fight against climate change effects.
Qualitative results
  • The school youth of Douala have the necessary information to be actors in environmental preservation.
  • The city of Douala has young human resources capable of making their friends aware of the need to protect the environment.

This project is financed by contributions from the association's members and other supporting members.

About the

Care For Environment

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Care For Environment is an association of young Cameroonians committed to the fight against environmental destruction by raising awareness and training young people of their role in the fight. It also aims to strengthen the capabilities of young people in the context of reducing climate change effects. The association’s means of action are training seminars, awareness campaigns, conferences, etc., targeting women and youth.

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