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Climate Academy

"Here we live and invent tomorrow": The Climate Academy is the place to learn, train and act to address climate challenges.

An initiative of Climate Academy

Overview of the project

The Academy is jointly managed by the Academy team and the youth associations involved in climate action, with whom the programme is co-constructed.
In constant evolution, the Climate Academy is part of a learning process and transmission of knowledge through a so-called “active” pedagogy: we learn by doing. It aims to encourage cooperation and mobilisation in favour of the climate by linking theoretical knowledge with practical applications, allowing new generations to experiment with sustainable solutions, to develop their creativity, their capacity for innovation and their projects. Every day, workshops are offered either in schools or at the Academy. In the evening and on weekends, events are organised in collaboration with partners and in collaboration with the young people involved.


The Climate Academy aims to give everyone the means to understand, experiment and engage with environmental challenges in order to work cooperatively. It also seeks to bring together all those actors that are already committed to the ecological transition.

Level of progress


Project timeline

15/09/2021- project still in progress

Quantitative results

In the 6 months the Academy has been open – between September 2021 and March 2022 – we have organised more than 370 events (conferences, debates, workshops, etc.), received 44,000 visitors and trained 7,000 young people (mainly aged between 9 and 15).

Qualitative results

In just a few months, the Climate Academy has become a hub for climate-related initiatives, projects and commitments. Youth associations involved in climate action have entered the space and developed projects, actions combining environment and solidarity have been launched and a real shared governance has been set up. Several highlights were co-organised at the Climate Academy with a large network of partners committed to the climate.

Thousands of people (young people during school time or weekends with their families) took part in awareness-raising workshops and concrete workshops (vegetarian cooking, bicycle repair, birdhouse making, sewing and up-cycling, etc.), and were thus able to experiment with concrete solutions for reducing their carbon footprint.


City of Paris

About the

Climate Academy

Sarah Alby
Director of the Climate Academy

 “Here we live and invent tomorrow”: as actors of change for the future, young people find in the Climate Academy the means to act for a city that is carbon neutral, more resilient and more just. The Climate Academy is the place to get informed, be trained and take action to face the climate crisis. Open all week, during the day it offers educational courses and workshops for young people. The Academy also organises conferences, workshops and exhibitions, which are free and open to all.

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