Let’s take care of the planet

Promote the awareness of young Europeans (aged 13-16) on local and global socio-environmental issues while taking into account the individual and collective responsibilities as well as the realities of the different countries.

An initiative of Monde Pluriel

Overview of the project

The project “Let’s Take Care of the Planet” (PSP) aims to encourage citizens to mobilize young Europeans around the issues of sustainable development. Through the creation of a space for dialogue and debate, young people are made aware of their responsibilities and to find a consensus at European level on shared responsibilities.

In addition, the objective is to offer young people the opportunity to make their voice heard by local political and economic actors, as well as international bodies. Experience at European level strengthens their capacity to act at the local level. The project allowed young people to :

  • make a relay of the Open Letter written by the young people by the elected representatives
  • bring a delegation of young Europeans to the European Parliament in the winter of 2018
  • carry out advocacy actions with elected officials and the general public such as :
    Spain : the Secretary of the Catalan Government in charge of the environment
    Turkey : the local elected officials in charge of environment and industry
    French Guyana : the University of Cayenne participating at the Environment Day at the University of Cayenne



Promoting the awareness of young Europeans (13-16 years old) about local and global socio-environmental issues by crossing the realities of different countries, reflect on their individual and collective responsibilities, strengthen the capacity of young people, create link with public institutions through dialogue with local, regional and European elected representatives.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

Since 2010

Quantitative results

The project “Let’s Take Care of the Planet” concerns:

  • 456 schools directly affected by the project in 9 European countries (France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Georgia)
  • 7580 students directly affected by the project at European level including 360 French and 2022 teachers affected by the project
  • 15 volunteers (18-25 years) trained in animation techniques from popular education
  • 37 commitments made by young Europeans materialized by 28 local projects implemented in schools by young Europeans during the 2017-2018 school year
Qualitative results

The project “Let’s Take Care of the Planet” allowed :

  • acquiring knowledge of local and global environmental issues
  • the acquisition of skills by students: Autonomy, teamwork, oral argumentation to defend commitments and actions, speaking, writing skills (articles, report), synthesis skills, communication (artistic supports in project, intervention with other classes, information in the school newspaper), strength of proposal
  • the dialogue with 5 members of the European Parliament and 7 Portuguese national deputies participated in two debates with young Europeans during the European Conference
  • communication supports acheived by young people: open letter, videos and posters in order to promote their commitments

With a grant from the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation, the department of Isère (France) and own funds

About the

Monde Pluriel

Delphine Astier
Director of the association and coordinator of the European network "Let's take care of the planet"

The main area of ​​intervention of “Monde Pluriel” is education for sustainable development (ESD) through which the association supports and develops the promotion of active citizenship and youth engagement, as well as mutual understanding between young people of different country, especially in Europe.

The projects aim to give young people elements of understanding of sustainable development issues in order to encourage them to act and commit to actions.

The association “Monde Pluriel”, approved by the Rectorate of Grenoble, relies on its expertise in education for sustainable development and international citizenship among young people to implement its projects, through the organization of meetings of young people, teacher training, creating spaces for debate and experimenting with representative democracy.

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