Promotion of Wanrou improved foodstoves in Northern Benin

Fighting deforestation and land degradation through the use of improved foodstoves for households


Overview of the project

The project of promoting improved wanrou foodstoves in Northern Benin offers to reduce the high level of wood energy in households due to the usage of three stones stoves.

Made completely out of argile, the Wanrou foodstove is easy to build. It has a 22% energy efficiency. Hence, it contributes to reducing the deforestation levels up to 2tons per family and per year. Carbon emissions saved through this new process of meal preparation go up to 3 tons of CO2 per year.

This project is implemented in Atacora and Donga districts, whose population in the may 2013 population census, was of of 1,315,392 inhabitants for 131 villages in 10 communities.


Contribution to reduction of deforestation and soil degradation by disseminating Wanrou Improved Foodstoves in households

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Quantitative results
  • 13,852 foodstoves built in 5,600 households
Qualitative results
  • Reduction of the risk exposure to illnesses due to the inhalation of smoke, thanks to evacuation of smoke through the chimney.
  • Reduction of the risk of burns and fires thanks to its architecture, which provides well a insulated ventilation chamber and a combustion chamber, preventing flammes and embers dispersion
  • Reduction of deforestation due to firewood because the quantity of wood used by households for cooking allows the preservation of 2 tons of wood per family and per year.

Photos of the Wanrou foodstoves

Video presentations of the initiative

About the


Koffi Gautier AMOUSSOU
National Coordinator
+229 97273157

Ecobenin has been engaged for years in climate protection, resources conservation and community development. For a better scope of action, it is implanted in North, West and South Benin.

The two current flagship actions are:

  • the promotion of improved wanrou foodstoves
  • work in the transborder Mono biosphere

The NGO has also expertise in several other areas, namely mangrove plantation and restauration.


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