Barcelona Convention COP22

The 22nd meeting of Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention will take place in Anatalya, Turkey, from 7 to 10 December, 2021. The Convention has the objective of fighting marine pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, and protecting and improving the marine environment in the area.

Tuesday 07 DecemberFriday 10 December

Some highlights from the agenda:

  • Ministerial session will take place on 9 December 2021, under the theme “Towards a Blue Mediterranean: Leaving a Pollution-Free Legacy, Protecting Biodiversity and Sustaining Climate Stability”.
  • The presentation of the Istanbul Environment Friendly City Award, recognizing efforts of local authorities in promoting sustainable development in Mediterranean coastal cities.
  • A Youth event that will provide the platform for young people to exchange on their views and vision for a healthy Mediterranean for the benefit of present and future generations, the outcome of which will be presented to Ministerial session.