International conference. Climate Change: anticipate to adapt

As part of the Climate Weather Forum, this symposium will bring together climate scientists and experts, socio-economic actors, elected officials and institutional leaders, representatives of the academic world, students, think-tanks, NGOs and journalists.

Wednesday 30 September
Paris, France

Summary of the event

Climate change is now a process that is well under way, with some consequences that are clearly visible and some that will inevitably become visible over the next few years or decades.
A strong link is now needed between mitigation and adaptation approaches to climate change, both of which are becoming indispensable in anticipating what the future world will look like and helping to build it. The protection of our territories implies in particular a long-term vision of our infrastructures, a capacity for solidarity in the face of vulnerabilities that differ greatly from one region to another, and the link between the challenges of climate change and those of biodiversity and our societies.
This symposium will provide an opportunity to discuss what science should contribute to these new issues, to measure the effort of anticipation that they imply, and to illustrate them with specific examples.

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09:15 – Official opening ceremony
Jean JOUZEL President of the organisation Météo et Climat

09:30 – Introduction
Hervé LE TREUT Professor at Sorbonne University and the Ecole Polytechnique and President of the Scientific committee.

10:00 – Grand témoin – Virginie SCHWARZ President-Director of Météo-France on the theme of “From knowledge to decision support”.

Session 1 – The place of water in climate change adaptation strategies

10:30 – Keynote 1
Belynda PETRIE PDG and co-founder of OneWorld Sustainable Investments

11:00 – Roundtable 1
Stéphanie BIDAULT Director of Centre Européen de Prévention du Risque d’Inondation (CEPRI), Sarah FEUILLETTE head of Service Prévision Évaluation et Prospective à l’Agence de l’Eau Seine-Normandie, Christian HUYGHE Scientific Director Agriculture at the INRAE, Denis SALLES Director of Sociology research at the INRAE.

12:00 – Lunch

13:30 – Grand témoin – Bettina LAVILLE President of Comité 21

Session 2 – Rethinking Urban Planning in the Face of Current and Future Climate Transitions

14:00 – Keynote 2
Luc ABBADIE Professor of ecology at Sorbonne University. Director of the Institute of Environmental Transition at Sorbonne Université

14:30 – Roundtable 2
Célia BLAUEL Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of the environment, sustainable development, the climate, energy and water plan, Sabine DESNAULT Executive Director of R&D, Innovation anc CSR at Gecina, Valéry MASSON Researcher at Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques, Météo-France & CNRS, Johan RANSQUIN Director Adaptation, Aménagement, et Trajectoires bas carbone, Directeur du site de Sophia-Antipolis de l’ADEME, Gilles VERMOT-DESROCHES Directeur du développement durable, Schneider Electric

Session 3 – Anticipating and managing climate change in the most vulnerable territories

15:30 – Keynote 3
Dr. Cynthia ROSENZWEIG Head of group on cliamte impacts at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

16:00 – Roundtable 3
Alain BRONDEAU Délégué Outre-mer au Conservatoire du littoral, Christophe BUFFET Responsable de la Facilité Adapt’Action à l’AFD, Renaud LAGRAVE Vice-Président de la Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, chargé des Infrastructures, des Transports de la mobilité, Président du GIP Littoral, Alexandre MAGNAN Chercheur Senior, Vulnérabilité et Adaptation au changement climatique à l’IDDRI.

17:00 – Conclusion

17:20 – Closing ceremony

Practical information

Venue: Salons de la Mairie de Paris
3, rue Lobau – Paris 4e

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