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[2021] Agriculture, Food and Reforestation

29/04/2021 from 3pm-4pm Paris Time : Virtual Workshop dedicated to the Agriculture, Food and Reforestation Coalition.

Watch the recording of the session here:

Climate Chance wishes to continue the work initiated by the Agriculture, Food and Reforestation Coalition during its 2020 Virtual Workshop (Previous virtual workshop here)with this new Virtual Workshop that aims to:

  • update and collectively validate the Coalition Roadmap for 2021-2022
  • share replicable best practices from the agriculture, food and reforestation sectors and led by non-state actors

Coalition Roadmap for 2021 and panel discussion

“Focusing on resilience: how can nature-based solutions strengthen African food systems?”

During this Virtual Workshop, participants are invited to openly discuss the following crucial question: how can nature-based solutions transform African food systems?

According to the IUCN, Nature-based Solutions (NBS) are “actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems, that address societal challenges effectively and adaptively, simultaneously providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits”. It is thus clear that SfNs can be used in the agriculture, food and reforestation sector and especially in agricultural production. As cited in a February 2021 FAO report with The Nature Conservancy, SfN can provide three main benefits in the agriculture sector:

  • Resilient food production (Strengthening farmers against weather extremes such as floods, droughts etc.). Diversification of production)
  • Climate change mitigation (reducing carbon emissions in the food sector by reducing deforestation, and restoring ecosystems)
  • Nature and biodiversity enhancement (strengthening natural habitats and biodiversity, improving water quality etc.)

Provisional Agenda of the Virtual Workshop

15:00 – 15:06

Introduction by a team member of the Climate Chance Association

15:06 – 15:15

Presentation and validation of the Coalition Roadmap for 2021-2022

15:15 – 15:45

Panel Discussion with:

  • Ndeye Ndack Pouye Mboji, Director of Planning and Sustainable Development at the City of Dakar, Senegal; Member of CoMSSA
  • Jean GOEPP, Director of Nebeday
    • Presentation of the NGO and their work with local populations and reforestation
  • Emem Umoh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Women in Nature Conservation Organisation (WINCO)

15:45 – 15:58

Questions and Answers with audience and panelists