Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

Session 2 – Biodiversity corridors : a development and land use issue

Biodiversity and Great Green Wall Day | Session 2

Description :

Science clearly shows that protected areas and other conservation zones, when provided with ecological connectivity, are much more effective than isolated areas. As places where people and animals live together, ecological corridors are at the heart of planning and development strategies. To combat habitat fragmentation, the decisions that will be taken in the coming years will be decisive for wildlife: either confinement in large parks with genetic fragmentation of populations, or networking through corridors, based on their natural migration areas, where cohabitation between wildlife and human activities must be organized.

How can we reconcile preservation and development by finding new forms of cohabitation based on sustainable resources?

The session will be moderated by :

  • Anne Raimat, Director of the Biodiversity Unit at Climate Chance

Speakers :

  • Mélaine Assè-Wassa Sama, Climate Action Project Officer in Africa at Climate Chance

Check out the Observatory’s publications here.

  • Adja Aïssatou Sy, Coordinator of OBAPAO, Observatory of Protected Areas of West Africa, Senegal
  • Dr. Oumar Sadio, IRD/LEMAR research engineer, member of the IUCN Conservation of Ecological Connectivity Expert Group
  • Sevidzem Ernestine Leikeki, Head of Forestry and Women’s Autonomy, CAMGEW, Cameroon
  • Captain Moussa Samb, Engineer, Ministry of Environment and Ecological Transition, Senegal