Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

CoMSSA Day – Workshop: How can Sub-Saharan cities mainstream gender in their climate and energy actions ?

Description :

Gender equality is a significant objective of CoM SSA as tackling climate change and improving access to energy needs to be an inclusive process in order to reach meaningful outcomes for all citizens; without leaving anyone behind. All CoM SSA partners are therefore committed to mainstreaming gender across all activities.

This session aims at showcasing the concrete steps taken by CoM SSA partners and cities to mainstream gender in all pillars of work.

Article “How can sub-Saharan African cities mainstream gender in their climate and energy actions?”

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Speakers :

  • Gilda Florentina Samuel, Municipal Director, Municipal Service of Social Action at Maputo Metropolitan Area
  • Dr Maria Peix Batet, Director of Cooperation, Barcelona Metropolitan Area
  • Lucy Lavirotte, Professional Officer Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa, ICLEI Africa Moderator

This session will be moderated by :

  • Vanessa Vovor, Advisor for the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA), GIZ