Climate Chance Summit Europe 2022

Accelerating the Development of Renewable Energy in Europe

Accelerating the Development of Renewable Energy in Europe

All EU member states must accelerate the development of renewable energy. In 2021, the new directive on renewable energies set the objective of increasing coverage from 32% to 40% of energy consumption in Europe by 2030. In order to achieve these ambitious objectives, it is crucial to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in each Member State, by facilitating access to financing, by relying on an appropriate distribution network and by promoting the social acceptability of new energy production methods. What measures (regulatory, fiscal, economic, social or technological) can enable us to accelerate this roll-out and achieve the objectives set by the European Union?

Thematic draft proposals for the mplementation of the European Green Deal

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  • Tania Martha Thomas, Research Officer at Climate Chance Observatory

Abstract of the Sector-based Report 2021. Check out the publcations here


  • Pascal Charriau, President of Enerdata
  • Jean Yves Grandidier, President and Founder of Valorem
  • Pierre Tardieu, Chief Policy Officer at WindEurope
  • Raymond Charbonnier, Mayor of Paimboeuf and President of SYDELA