Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit

Covenant of Mayors – Europe: What role can adaptation play in local climate plans?


Local authorities play a crucial role in transitioning to a low-carbon society and enhancing their territory’s resilience to climate change. As key mobilizers of citizens and grassroots actors, municipalities are central to tomorrow’s challenges. Their commitment to a low-carbon, crisis-resilient economy is essential from both environmental and economic perspectives. The Covenant of Mayors – Europe provides a platform for concrete engagement of municipalities within European goals.

This event showcased current trends, opportunities, and examples of enhancing local resilience to ensure a sustainable future for urban energy systems, drawing on Covenant signatories’ experiences. Representatives from local authorities presented tangible actions for climate change adaptation and resilience. Financing adaptation was a focal point in discussions between cities and major European financial institutions. The event also highlighted initial findings from the adaptation study in the Walloon Region and the importance of vulnerability diagnostic tools for local climate change impacts.