Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

Pandemics and mobility

Pandemics and Mobility

The global health crisis has had a profound impact on mobility practices. Radical changes have appeared rapidly (home office, limited access to everyday services, public transport shunned, modal shift to the individual car or to active modes…). The frames of reference and trends observed until then were no longer valid, and the tools for knowledge of mobility had to be adapted. One year after this crisis, a first look at the strategies implemented and feedback on the management of this crisis is necessary. The main topics covered during this roundtable will address :

– the lessons learned from this period on mobility policies

– the adaptation of transport systems to this sudden and exceptional situation

– the impacts on mobility behavior,

– their long-term consequences

If the « crisis » scenario were to be repeated: how can we anticipate it?

Organized by:


  • Sébastien Gomes, Strategy and Business Development Director, ALYCE


  • Laurent Mazille, Public Affairs Director, Transdev
  • Nicolás Cruz, Sustainable Mobility Expert, MobiliseYourCity
  • Amath Ndiaye, Head of Travel Observatory Division, CETUD