Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

Transport Data : Standardization and Openness for Sustainable Mobility mobility

Transport Data : Standardization and Openness for Sustainable Mobility

The lack of data on public transport systems presents an obstacle for African cities. Authorities, users and public transport operators are disadvantaged in planning better and more efficient public transport and its use. The session will illustrate the scope for opening up and standardizing transport data among African stakeholders. It will draw on the theoretical dimension formalized by the DigitalTransport4Africa approach, inspiring examples such as Transport for Cairo (TfC) and Data.Transport.

Organisated in partnership by:


  • Antoine Chèvre, Task Team Leader, AFD
  • Benjamin Welle, Director of Integrated Transport and Innovation, WRI


  • Emmanuel Bama, Coordinator and Technical Project Manager, Data.Transport
  • Amath Ndiaye, Division Director of the « Observatoire des Départements », CETUD
  • Esthelyne Dusabe, Project Specialist Urban Mobility, WRI Africa
  • Sylviane Fofana, Project leader of the « ‘Observatoire des mobilités », AMUGA