Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

Electrification, Data and Informal Transit in Africa

Electrification, Data and Informal Transit in Africa

Globally, electrification is widely considered as an attractive means to reduce petroleum dependency and the environmental impacts of road transport. African cities could leverage transport electrification as a catalyst for improving and transforming the paratransit sector, while harnessing local renewable energy resources. Currently, paratransit systems lack basic data availability, including operational information essential to conduct feasibility studies and enable the development and implementation of electric mobility transitions. It is important to explore how this data gap can be addressed in tandem with the necessary policies to situate transport electrification in a larger context of sustainable mobility.

Organised in patnership with:


  • Herrie Schalekamp, Research Consultant CODATU

Speakers :

  • Benjamin Welle, Director of Integrated Transport and Innovation, WRI
  • Yao Amedokpo, Researcher, LVMT
  • Marthinus Johannes Booysen, Professor, University of Stellenbosch
  • Ariadne Baskin, Sustainable Mobility Advisor, GIZ/TUMI