Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

Challenges of E-mobility

Description :

Many mobility authorities are investigating the possibilities of e-mobility, the eventuality of its short- or long-term integration in their mobility plans and the best ways for deploying the most adequate solution for their own territory.The associated strategies must consider the technical aspects related to vehicles, batteries, infrastructures, availability of energy… as well as other aspects such as the changes of behavior of drivers or owners of electric vehicles and other citizens, or the consequences on transport and mobility authorities. All resulting decisions have also impacts on urbanization, quality of life for the residents, and more generally on the socio economy of the city. Very diverse actions can be planned and implemented; however the global approach must remain coherent and integrated in a long term sustainable mobility planning at local, regional and national level. This session will be dedicated to the presentation of actual solutions et will point out the major success factors for an efficient deployment of electro mobility solutions adapted to cities’ specificities.

This session will be moderated by :

  • Dominique Breuil, Board Member, CODATU
  • Herrie Schalekamp, Consultant, CODATU

Speakers :

  • Yves Wininger, Investment Director, Méridiam
  • Marthinus Johannes Booysen, Professor, Stellenbosch University
  • Joachim Nalet, Deputy Director Large Urban Projects and International Development, SETEC ITS