Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit

Giving Water its Righful Place Back


Preventive flood management is based on a combination of measures, which may include reducing vulnerability, retaining water upstream of flood-prone areas or hydraulic engineering measures. Leaving space for the river makes it possible to address these three pillars by reducing the number of buildings located in areas at high risk of flooding, creating areas for preferential inundation (temporary inundation zones, remeandering, etc.) and increasing the flow capacity of the most restricted stretches of river (flood extension zones, raising crossings, removing obstacles in the watercourse, etc.). These measures are based on the implementation of nature-based solutions, which aim to diversify the benefits of the developments beyond the purely hydraulic ones, taking into account all the ecosystem services associated with green infrastructure: water management, of course, but also biodiversity, access to green spaces, etc.