Climate Chance Summit Europe 2022

Mobility: Rethinking medium-distance mobility between European countries

Mobility: Rethinking medium-distance mobility between European countries

In a socioeconomic environment that is increasingly concerned about its carbon impact, the popularity of rail transport is on the rise. In 2021, the European “Year of Rail” aimed to put the subject at the forefront of the agenda on medium-distance mobility and witnessed numerous announcements, in particular on the revival of night trains. At the same time, European funds are supporting the emergence of medium-distance hydrogen mobility, whether for road freight, as in the Corridor H2 project, or for trains, as shown by Alstom’s Coradia iLint, which are making their first journeys in France and Germany. So how can these different dynamics be harmonised to decarbonise medium-distance mobility as soon as possible? What is the final outcome of the year of the railways? What role can hydrogen mobility play in achieving the 2030 climate objectives?

Thematic draft proposals for the mplementation of the European Green Deal

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  • Bernard Soulage, Secretary General of Climate Chance Association

🔎 The Climate Chance Observatory’s lens

  • Samuel Laval, Research Officer at the Climate Chance Observatory

Abstract of the Sector-based Report 2021. Check out the publcations here


  • Rémi Bastien, President of the Next Move Competitiveness Cluster and General Delegate of FISITA
  • Yann Briand, researcher in climate-energy-transport policies, IDDRI
  • François Davenne, Director General, UIC – International union of railways
  • Valentin Desfontaines, Sustainable Mobility Manager, Climate Action Network France